Amazing pictures of man creating artwork to look real breaks the internet (See Photos)

Amazing pictures

The photos of an unnamed man painting his sculpted works to make it look real have really gone viral. The artistic brilliance was shared by a man with the Twitter handle @AkoRaGye69.

In the first frame, the artist could be seen painting the sculpture of a turkey. The second photo shows the animal in full glare standing on a concrete platform. The third picture is an excellent work of art as it features three animals in a single composition.

In the photo, he applies white paints on a molded ram surrounded by its kids, one of which was in a suckling pose. A partly cut still-life pumpkin stands on a platform in the fourth picture in a way that makes it look almost real. If the artist was not standing beside the works with a paintbrush, many would pass them off as the real subject they imitate. Many people who commented on the amazing photos online said that they mistook the pictures at first glance.

Others said that they had a reality check when they read others’ comments praising subjects in the pictures as artworks. A collage of some of the amazing sculptures.

See more photos below;

Photo source: Twiter/@AkoRaGye69 Source: Twitter


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