Barcelona still refusing to negotiate Messi’s exit, despite meeting with the player’s agent


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Barcelona’s club offices played host to a meeting between Jorge Messi and Josep Maria Bartomeu on Wednesday afternoon as discussions went on for two hours before coming to the conclusion that the Blaugrana will not negotiate for the sale of Lionel Messi.

They have claimed that in public and internally and the player’s position remains the same; that he wishes to leave the club, and so the chess game continues.

The highly-anticipated meeting took place on the same day that Messi’s father and representative arrived from Rosario and also saw Javier Bordas, a Barcelona director, and Rodrigo Messi, the player’s brother and advisor, attend.

The two parties are still some way away from any agreement despite the lengthy talks which were held.

Despite that, the meeting was not a tense occasion and they will keep in touch with more talks a possibility in the near future.

Bartomeu insists that the release clause in the deal expires on June 10, meaning that Messi is under contract and should return to training, which he is yet to do.

The club president also repeated that they would not negotiate the sale of Messi under any circumstance as he forms a key part of their sporting project and is under contract.

He remains consistent in his belief that the burofax was correct that he could leave for free and a judge would agree, but no club has been brave enough to enter this legal chaos despite interest from Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

At the Camp Nou, they felt that Bartomeuwas the cause and he offered to resign if Messi stayed but their position has not changed beyond that, with a vote of no confidence from members underway.

Right now, nobody can guess how this battle will end, but either way one side will have to back down.

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