Benefits of Being a Pinkoin Merchant (Inksnation)


Benefits of Being a Pinkoin Merchant

There have been so many questions that what are the benefits of being a pinkoin merchant. In this post, I will be telling so many benefits of being a pinkoin merchant.

The following are the benefits of being a pinkoin merchant:

  1. Gives you an opportunity to accept payment with international digital money (PinKoin) being used by millions of Nigerians.
  2. Increased business visibility and customer patronage.
  3. Increased sales
  4. Increased revenue
  5. Reduced costs. No cost of settlement as InksNation settles merchants without charges. No stamp duty charges. No COT/ maintenance charges.
  6. Bonuses from InksNation for accepting PinKoin.
  7. Monthly salaries from InksNation for life.
  8. A grant from InksNation to be credited to your reserve account.
  9. Higher value for your money as the value of PinKoin keeps increasing.
  10. Security against fraudulent payment from customers. E.g fake cash, fake
    cash transfer alerts, etc.
  11. Safety of business funds against burglary and robbery attacks.
  12. Offers the opportunity to align your business with a global trend in payment acceptance and make it remain relevant.
    Note: You are required to print out the Merchant Form and send it to your state coordinator for verification.


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