How To Verify your Inksnation Account With BVN

Inksnation bvn

How To Verify your Inksnation Account With BVN – Guidelines

Do you want to Verify your Inksnation Account with BVN? If yes, please carefully follow the step by step procedures here to avoid any mistake while verifying your Inksnation account.

Inksnation DAO has rolled out a plan to verify new and old users through their Banks Verification Number BVN.

How To Verify Inksnation Account With BVN

1.) Login to your Inksnation membership account

A pop up will appear, prompting you to type your BVN

2.) The system will search to make sure the details in your BVN is the same as the information in your inksnation account

3.) If the details are correct, you will be Redirected to a payment Gateway where you are required to pay a token of #200 for the verification of your Inksnation account. Then choose a payment method that suit you. ( I RECOMMEND PAY WITH CARD METHOD)

4.) For children who don’t have BVN yet, they will wait till the upgrade is concluded so they can be verified using the National Identity Number, NIN.


Don’t back it

If its shows u.

502 bad gateway.

Just refresh the page.

Do not leave d page until u see verified ✅


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