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How to unblock your Website URL (domain link) on Facebook

By Bernard Pro

In this post, I will be showing you how to unblock your website URL or domain on Facebook. Thousands of Facebook users keep complaining about their website URL or domain been blocked.

You see questions like this: 

  • My link was blocked on Facebook, how do I unblock it?
  • I can’t share or post my link on Facebook why? 
  • Why is my link been blocked?

These are the type of questions you get from Facebook users.

That’s why I have come out to share these helpful tips to help solve the problem due to my experience on this issue.

Why Facebook Block Your website URL (Link)

Facebook is one of the largest social media platform on earth so they have a community standard that helps to protect Facebook members.

Once you go against Facebook community standard you will be blocked by Facebook bot hence you won’t be able to post or share your Url and all your post that has a link to your domain will be removed from Facebook immediately.

When you try to post with your link will get a notification like this;

This means Facebook has blocked it

Why You Need To Unblock Your URL (Link)

It’s very important you unblock your URL or link because Facebook is a large social network that connects over 2 billion people across the globe.

The traffic you get on Facebook is not a joke because you get thousands and millions of traffic from Facebook daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the number of audience, you have got.

Once you are been blocked on Facebook your traffic will drop drastically because people will no longer be able to access your website through Facebook this more reason why you need to unblock your link to get back on track.

How To Unblock Your URL or Website On Facebook.

 I will be showing you how to unblock your website link or URL with different steps.

Noted: Some steps take longer time than each other to resolve the issue so luck.


Using Facebook URL Debugger Tool

Here is the link to go to Facebook Debugger Tool: click here

After you click the link enter you website URL the box and click on Debug

Enter your website URL and debug

After you have debugged you are likely to see this message or something like this

Pure sign that your website has been blocked

Once it show like this it means your website URL has been blocked.

Don’t panic when you see this just go ahead and click on”Let us know” and then it will take you to a page where you can file an appeal and click send.

This how it looks when you click on let us know

Re-edit my appeal message to yours and send;

Good day, Facebook! With all due respect, I would like to inform you about my website URL which I think was falsefully blocked on Facebook; I was dumbfounded when my web visitor informed me that he was unable to share my website link on Facebook. On hearing this, as though I am panicking I quickly logged in to Facebook to confirm only to find out that I have also been blocked from sharing my website link on my Facebook Newsfeed and timeline. I am convinced that I didn’t go against your policies. But I sincerely apologize if I have broken Facebook policy by error. Please kindly accept my humble request to unblock my Website;, Kind Regards as you continue to strengthen Facebook security and making it a safer place for us all.

Page: Bernardpro9ja

URL:  Many Thanks 

Bello Rasheed Rotimi

If step 1 didn’t work for you try step 2


Using Report a problem to Facebook

Facebook is very difficult to contact that’s why we will try all the possible ways to get in touch with them.

How to report a problem, click on the Help Center button in the top right corner of Facebook.

Click the help center 

Then click on Report a Problem from the list

Select Report a Problem 

After this, a pop-up screen will show then select something isn’t working

Click on option I marked

Then a form section will be opened for you to fill in order to file an appeal about your blocked website URL

Fill the form and click send

It does not take a long time for Facebook to respond so if you didn’t get a response from them that shows it’s work for you.

Note: This is not the best way to unblock your blocked website URL but can prompt Facebook to lift the ban.

If step 2 didn’t work for you step 3  is definitely going to work cause it’s 100% guarantee

STEP 3: This is the easier and fastest way to unblock website URL with 24-48 hrs

Using a service to Unblock your Website URL

This method is the fastest way of unblocking website URL, in one to two days the website URL will be unblocked 100%

Using service to unblocked simply means our support team will help you unblocked your website URL because they have direct contact to Facebook and they are serving as an agent to get you website URL unblocked on Facebook so that you can get back to work happily.

See proofs with screenshots;

Our service live chat with Facebook directly 
This is to prove to you that it is 100% the fastest mean 
Testimony proof 

Direct email proofs

Congratulations testimony via mail
100% of our service proof

From the above screenshots, you will see that it’s detailed, reliable, and 100% working no doubt.

You can contact our service via Whatsapp and email so that we can help you unblock your website URL within 24 – 48 hrs.

         Contact Us @:


WhatsApp: +2348144254693

Watch video below to see more proofs;

Now it’s over to you

Has your website been blocked by Facebook? Drop a comment below and let us know about it.

Has this post helped you in some way? 

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We shall continue to serve you better.


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