If your lover doesn’t have these qualities, stop dating the person now


These are qualities that your partner should possess to have a successful relationship.

To have a relationship that will last forever, you need to avoid some people in dating time.

In choosing who to marry, many factors must be taken into consideration, that’s both the inside factor and the outside factor.

  1. They motivate you to be the best you can be. They are good at doing this. When you are down they are the type you run to.
  2. They are very supportive of your cause. They are ready to do anything humanly, spiritually, morally, emotionally, financially and mentally possible to get you on your feet. They root for you, they go all out for you.
  3. They nurtures, just like plant or flower they nurtures you grow. They are caring and very attentive. Looking at them alone makes you forget your sorrow.
  4. They give you advises when you desperately need it, and they scold you to bring out the best in you when you are wrong.
  5. Your body to them is not a testing apparatus. They valued it. As a man they wait for you, likewise as a woman, they don’t rush you against your will. Are you surprise? Have seen ladies who are bent over getting laid.
  6. They shows understanding of your uniqueness and weaknesses. They celebrate your unique abilities and they also understand that influence is not about forcing you to be like them but to live by example.
  7. Respect to them is normal. They never take you for granted.

Don’t get it twisted heaven on earth marriage is not achieved by luck, you have to work for it.
May God give you understanding.
May you not marry for the wrong reasons.

A happy successful marriage doesn’t come by luck if you see one they work for it. There are prices to pay. Every successful marriage had passed through fire just like gold, but with the readiness and willingness to pay the price they come out stronger, beautiful and elegant. No cross, no crown.
A more impactful and responsible relationship is possible, the journey starts now.


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