Is Messi bigger than Barcelona?


Maria Bartomeu is willing to resign as Barcelona President if Lionel Messi changes his mind and decides to stay at the Camp Nou.

The 33 year old sent a burofax to the club on Tuesday asking to leave the club due to a clause in his contract, albeit the deadline for this has passed and his deal still has one year left.

Tv3 first reported and now MARCA has confirmed that Bartomeu will step aside if the Barcelona captain publicly agrees to stay in Catalonia.

Messi has always denied accusations that he is in command at Barcelona; asking for the president’s resignation may not be the easiest path to take for him.

Whatever the Argentine may think, if his decision to stay eventually leads to the President’s exit, then we’ll have the answer to the never ending question; “is Lionel Messi bigger than Barcelona”?.

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MARCA/ Adapted by Ozilala


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