[POEM] IDENTITY (Who are you)



 I needed an IDENTITY

I wanted to be known and identified with the aces

I was craving for a personality to fit the race

Yes I am one of them, I tell everyone who asked

We are just like that, we are this, we are that.

I memorized all I could, just in case I would be asked.

I needed an IDENTITY

And when they say, can you do this?

I replied “I can do more!!!”

And step by step the real me was gone

I had lost myself in search for this identity

Just because I never wanted to be called a nonentity

I needed an IDENTITY

Looking back at what I had sacrificed to be who I am

Not because it was easy

But every step I took made me feel less of me

Can I, can I do this I asked myself

Of course, I needed that identity

I needed an IDENTITY

I wore costumes and makeover that made me look like them

But No I wasn’t them

The look might be similar, but deep down I knew

I needed an IDENTITY

Yesterday I needed an IDENTITY

Today I’m still searching for an IDENTITY

Day in, day out I still crave for that IDENTITY


 Olorunyomi Blessing


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