Prostitution and Drugs: The sad story of a recalcitrant teenager


The devastating effects of drug abuse is what this young lady suffered after she started doing drugs as a teenager.

Once, she ran away from home and came across a man who introduced her to drugs and then to prostitution. She started sleeping with men for money for her to be able to afford these drugs.

By and by, the reality check came, when a trusted friend uploaded an explicit photo of her, calling her a ‘junkie hooker’. As the cat was let out of the bag, instead of taking her own life due to the shame and mortification she suffered, she courageously decided to turn a new leaf.

speaking of her terrible experiences as a drug addict, she said: ” i was always the black sheep. My parents did the best they could, but i was always in trouble growing up. When i was 16, i met this man, he was much older than me. He’d bring me to his house and we’d drink and smoke weed together. Even as skinny as i was, he would tell me i was sexy and gorgeous. I never knew he was grooming me for prostitution.

The alcohol and weed didn’t seem enough, i started to use cocaine, and heroin. Addiction became a problem then, and i lost everything. I lived in the night and most of the nights i would be selling myself just to get a place to rest my head.

I continued this lifestyle untill a person i trusted exposed me to everyone i knew; family and friends, that i was a ‘junkie hooker’.

I was on a precipice, My life was going to be over before it even started. But with the help of my family and friends i began to fight back.

Am now in college, living alone and still fighting. I believe in myself and i have to keep going for myself and the people that care about me

Please Stay away from prostitution and drugs, they don’t pay you, you instead pay them heavily”.


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